Do You Have a Business Plan for 2018?

I get SO excited every year at this time because it is when I start doing my planning for the year ahead. I wanted to share some tips that make goal setting more fun and productive so that you can implement these strategies, too!

1. First, I buy a new planner that makes me happy to look at!

I'm all about digital tools, but when it comes to goal setting, a perfectly sharpened pencil and paper planner are essential. I like the monthly planners best with some room to write monthly goals and push projects.

2. Secondly, I schedule a meeting with my husband to strategize.

Bringing my husband into my business has been a great strategy for growth. Once we made the transition from "this is my business" to "this is our business" there was an entirely different feeling of support from my husband. And that's not to say that he wasn't supportive before; but giving him some ownership increased his stake in the company's success, and therefore his help!

We actually schedule the meeting in his office during the week because we have found that trying to talk about business goals, finances, and strategies is quite challenging at night after a full day! So we work when we are both fresh. And of course I bring Starbucks because it's a fun reward!

3. I goal set in months, then quarters, then the full year.

It is easier to goal set when you break it into bite-sized pieces. So we work month-by-month, starting with January. This way, we are able to allocate for super busy family months (like June and August for example) and adjust the goals down slightly. Every month's goal is unique and aligns with our priorities as a family and as business owners. Once we have set monthly goals, we can look at quarters and decide what the focus is for each quarter. And then of course, we can better see our goals for the full year.

4. Allow ample time for goal setting each week.

Not only is it important to set goals at the end of a calendar year for the following year, but it's vital to be evaluating and readjusting your goals throughout the year, too. Try to schedule 20 minutes each week to look over your goals and allow this time to help you set your business activities. Your goals should create your action plan.