My Thoughts on Quick Fixes

We all know that quick fixes don't last. And most of us have tried a quick fix with our nutrition and fitness, even though we know that they are not a permanent solution. Perhaps we've done it in preparation for a trip or event, or just to help us get some quick wins to motivate us onward. I've certainly tried quick fixes in the past and I was miserable, hungry, and got results that were not built on anything I could continue with beyond the short time frame.


The older I get the more I find joy in chasing health every day, not an aesthetic or image. And that is so freeing!! When I look back at some of the quick fixes I've tried in the past, HEALTH was never at the heart of them. And that's why they didn't work.

The program I wrote and designed is only a 3 week program, and some people think I'm promoting a "quick fix" because of that, so I wanted to take a moment to elaborate on that. I have been hosting online "accountability groups" for nearly 5 years now. Prior to writing my own program, I helped people complete other programs, improve health habits, and stay focused on their goals. The accountability piece was HUGE in helping them reach their goals. I hosted groups of all different lengths: 2 months, 1 month, 3 weeks, 2 weeks, 5 days, etc. And through a lot of trial and error I discovered that people thrived with groups that lasted 3 weeks. It was the perfect amount of time to stay focused; any longer and I noticed that my clients were losing interest in checking in with me each day. So when I wrote my program, I knew that 3 weeks was the right amount of time for accountability.

In my three week program IF You Carb Cycle we learn about intermittent fasting, carb cycling, proper supplementation, gut health, creating our study of one, how to incorporate the right types of exercise into our routine, and we also discuss tracking our macros. Some clients find that this is enough time to develop new habits and continue on their own. And some clients want continued support. Which I why I created a support system to help them beyond the three weeks.

My VIP Membership is the bridge from my program to living the lifestyle outside of the 3 weeks. The membership offers the opportunity to continue daily check-ins and support for those clients who thrive with accountability. Every member is also given their own login and password to access the online portal that has daily workouts, recipes, and upper level training from our guest expert of the month. January's guest expert is teaching us how to customize our macros.

This community has truly become one of my favorite places because it is full of supportive women who are chasing good health every day!

So no more quick fixes for me, and certainly not for my clients either!! Three weeks is a jumping off point, perfectly timed to hold their interest and get them feeling AMAZING, but after the three weeks, they will incorporate what they've learned into their LIFESTYLE.