Are you searching for "perfect"?


I just returned from a beautiful trip to Palm Springs, California. In the middle of an Illinois spring, it was a welcome weather change! My husband and I were on a work trip (conference for him, writing time for me), but we still managed to spend some really lovely time relaxing together. While lounging at the pool, I got to check out the latest in swimwear. Want to know what it is? Butt cheeks. Butt cheeks EVERYWHERE. 75% of the swimsuit bottoms I saw were in the thong or cheeky style. You guys, this is SO not my style. But I admired the confidence that it took these women to wear them. I thought, "I could NEVER pull that off." But quite frankly, they couldn't really either. And they STILL looked beautiful and sexy because they were confident in their own skin.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I find myself obsessing about insignificant issues with my body: that mole is ugly, I can see cellulite when I turn this way, I have gray hairs peeking out, my arm hair is hairy, my feet are ugly, I'm scrawny. Etc. Etc.

And I consider myself a confident woman! The thing is, most women struggle with their flaws, as well. But what I am realizing as I get older and wiser is there IS no such thing as perfect. Truly. When you're scrolling social media and you see someone who looks "perfect" remember that the picture you're seeing has been carefully chosen and edited to share. And of COURSE the magazines are not even close to being real portrayals of how women really look. Hours are taken to remove every wrinkle, bump, mole, and hair. I get so worked up when I think about how many of our beauty ideals are rooted in falsehoods and myth. 

So ladies, let's stop obsessing about those small things that 1) we can't change, and 2) don't matter anyway. Focus on controlling what you can control and being a good person. And your beauty will shine through!