Well, not YOU! You are cool and you are not bothering me! LOL! I'm talking about the men at the gym who find it necessary to offer unsolicited advice and commentary about my workouts. Let me back up a bit...

I've been adding some heavy lifting to my workout routine lately and I'm LOVING it. I love lifting heavy and I really enjoy the new challenges. It's a totally different style of workout than I've done before (think: Crossfit style). However, it forces me to get my workouts done in an actual gym vs. my basement because I don't have heavy enough equipment. Isn't that a fun problem to have??

The weight lifting I'm doing requires me to use the BIG bars, cages, benches, and other "hard core" workout equipment, and if you're fairly new to the weight room, this can present some challenges and discomfort. I've had to LEARN how the equipment works, and that can feel awkward in an already awkward and vulnerable setting. As a female, when you walk into the weight room, you are a minority RIGHT away. It just tends to be a male dominated space. Add the discomfort of learning how to use the equipment on top of that, and it can be pretty uncomfortable.

THEN you add the group of men who seem to find it to be their mission to offer advice to women who are working out alone. WHY??! Why do they do this? I would NEVER offer advice to a gym-goer unless they said, "Can I ask you for your advice?" Never. In some cases I think they are hitting on me, "GREAT form!" and in some cases I think they feel that they are actually helping the poor defenseless little girl in the weight room (sarcasm), "If you sit back in your heels you will feel it less in your knees." UGH. LEAVE ME ALONE. 

My frustration with this got me thinking that other women must be feeling this too. So I came up with a short list of ways we can avoid the unsolicited attend and advice in the weight room ;)

1. Headphones

It's amazing how wearing headphones eliminates 85% of unwanted attention. The bigger the better! LOL! Now, where are my headphones...?

2. Workout with a friend

When my friend (or husband) and I hit the gym together, no one bothers us, offers form advice, or interrupts us to give us a high five. And working out with friends is ALWAYS so much more fun than doing it solo.

3. Have a game plan

I keep my workouts on my phone, and I log my weights in EverNote (it's a free app that allows you to jot down notes easily). Having a game plan keeps you from wondering around looking lost. Looking lost is always an invitation for free advice!!

If you are a man who is reading this, just remember that women aren't helpless! If we need help in the gym (or anywhere else for that matter), we can ask for help :) And ladies, don't be afraid of the weight room! We all look awkward in there some times! Take a friend your first few times until you get comfortable. You've got this!!