Check out these results!

I hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend! In Illinois the weather was absolute perfection, and such a great way to kick off the summer.


Results are rolling in from my Carb Cycling and Intermittent Fasting program and THEY ARE FANTASTIC!!!! I love my job and it fills me up to read the improved confidence and body image of these rockstar women! 

Here's some feedback from a few ladies in the program:

“I lost 6.5 pounds and close to 4 inches total. I'm so happy as my goal for this group was 5-7 pounds. I love love love IF. Didn't do it today and regretted it all day long. Will be going back to it tomorrow for sure. Thanks so much, Katie! I'm considering joining your next group too. I love the accountability and encouragement each day. ”

"Lost 4 lbs and a couple inches. I like the intermittent fasting, and I have enjoyed carb cycling too. I have been trying to lose baby weight for almost 2 years with no success. Health issues and medications after my second child actually made me gain about 20 lbs and this has been the only program that has actually helped me lose a little. I feel like it's easy to follow and something that I can stick with long term."

"I lost 1.3 pounds and 1.5 inches (.5 from each thigh!). I feel awesome - three weeks of mostly clean eating made me feel in control of my body and gut health. I've learned that carb cycling is great for me because I have to change what I eat each day instead of eating the same (even though) healthy foods every day. I've also come to love LC days - I feel they're easier to plan for, and I love, love, LOVE IF. I thought I'd never like skipping breakfast, but I really like having extra time in the morning and savoring my coffee and tea. One of my main goals was to fit into my shorts for vacation, and I ended up having to buy new shorts in a smaller size! Thank you Katie Harlan for all your coaching and encouragement!!"

"I lost 7 pounds and a total of 2.5 inches! I'm completely amazed at what it has done to my body and my mind."

You guys, this program is LEGIT. The combination of cycling your carbs and intermittent fasting is so effective for fat loss! Not to mention improved energy, moods, control over your diet, and confidence! The next round will begin on June 19th. If you are ready to change things up with your nutrition, this is your chance! Click here to reserve your spot!