Read Amanda's Story!

One of the great joys of my life is helping women to be confident, happy, and fulfilled. So receiving feedback like Amanda's is just the BEST!! It reminds me that I am doing meaningful work and helping women achieve those things.

It's not about weight loss. It's not about being thin. It's truly about being HEALTHY. That can look many different ways. Some of my clients have goals of getting that elusive 6-pack. Some of my clients want to drop a pant size. Some of my clients want to find a program that they can MAINTAIN long-term. Most of my clients want more energy. Most of my clients want to feel in control of their food choices. And all of my clients want to improve themselves in SOME WAY. 

Amanda and I have known each other for close to 15 years now. She is a hard working single mom who just wanted to feel better in her own skin. I'm so grateful that she reached out to me. Read her testimonial below:

"I started off on my journey with Katie as something to complete off of a ’40 Before 40’ bucket list. I wanted to look better, feel better, and be as healthy as I can. I joined her Carb Cycling 101 and at the end of the 3-week program I had lost 7 pounds and 2.5 inches. It was amazing and I feel like a different person. I no longer drink soda, and have no desire to, I am conscious about the foods I am putting into my body, and I’m showing my son what a healthier lifestyle looks like. Katie has an amazing gift of making you feel welcomed and worthy to be in her programs and learning from her. She breaks everything down into simple terms that are easy to follow and that don’t overwhelm you. If you’re looking for someone to help you through this process, and hold you accountable, then Katie is the gal you are looking for. She is truly amazing and such a blessing to all those who learn from her."

Amanda, I'm so, so proud of you. It isn't easy, but it IS simple. Your hard work and determination are paying you back in dividends!!

I have already sent welcome emails to the next group of clients who will be joining this round of Carb Cycling 101 (with intermittent fasting) and will be giving them the manual on Thursday. I have 19 spots left and they are going quickly. The next round of this program won't be run until late July/early August, so you want to join get in now! Click this link to join Carb Cycling 101--we begin Monday, June 19th!