Business Tip: Finding Time for Your Side Hustle


I want to talk to you guys about how to make time for your side hustle.  So, I’m looking at you stay at home moms, full-time workers, and anyone else who finds their days loaded down with responsibilities.  These tips are to help you work your side hustle in when you can and make it grow.

I know the struggle very well.  When I started my own hustle about 5 years ago, I had three kids under the age of three!  Finding the time to do anything other than just living and trying to care for my young family was really hard, but I wanted this side hustle to work.  I saw value in it, I believed in it, and I really got so much enjoyment from it.  To be completely honest with you, I think the biggest reason I had the motivation to stick with it was because I appreciated the little breaks here and there from my family and my “mom duties”.  I worked really hard to find enough time to grow my business but still be the best mom I could be at the same time.  

Along the course of my journey, I developed quite a few tips and strategies, but I’ll stick to my four most important to start:

Four Tips to Find Time for Your Side Hustle:

1.  Schedule Office Hours and Protect Them!  

(No, seriously.  Protect them like crazy!)

This is going to look different for everyone.  For me, I always scheduled my office time during nap time or, now, when my daughter is at preschool.  You will not find me cleaning during office hours.  You will not find me cooking.  I even try not to work out during that time.  That is time for my business!  That’s the time when I’m in my office with my computer and to-do list, and I am focused.  Something like dishes can be a spur of the moment chore, but office hours need my full focus and attention, and that takes effort to carve out in a day.  

Maybe for you, if you are working full-time, that means you work early in the morning or even between dinner and bed.  Your lunch hour is an option, too!  I know life is busy, and we are all so busy these days, but if you want to keep your side hustle successful, you have to find time to fit it in.

2.  Prioritize

(Ask yourself, “Is this TV time really adding value to my life?”)

This goes right along with protecting those office hours.  Our days are already so full that making time for office hours is going to require some sacrifice. In my case, there were years where instead of decompressing at night in front of the TV or relaxing with a book, I would be working.  I gave up a lot of things, but it has paid off for me, and my side hustle has become a full-time income for my family.

Try and think of some things that are taking up time that could really be used for your business.  What could you give up, or at least move to a back burner?  This doesn’t mean that you are never going to watch TV again.  I just means that you are prioritizing things that are important for you, and maybe, for the time being, TV goes.

3.  Keep Lists

(Who has time during their office hours to wonder, “What are my business activities?”)

Trying to fit a little bit extra productivity in our days is basically the definition of a side hustle, but that means when you sit down, you better work!  You can’t waste time thinking, “What am I doing today?”  I have a list going all of the time in my office to keep me on track.  I also use Evernote on my phone to make notes while I’m out (It’s a great app because you can pull it up anywhere and link your content between devices!).  I keep these lists so that when I sit down in front of my computer for my office hours, I can grind it out quickly.

These lists aren’t just useful for during your scheduled office hours.  For example, now that my youngest is the only one at home with me during the day, there are times when she’s gone off to play by herself, so I’ll bust over to the office for some work.  That’s when it is so helpful to have lists of what I want to do.  Also, she starts kindergarten in the fall, so my whole schedule is about to change!  Times when everything is in flux are when lists are essential to squeeze in work where you can.

4.  Visualize Your Goals

(Surround yourself with what you want to accomplish so your eye never leaves the prize!)

Grinding it out and having a side hustle can be exhausting.  So often after a long day at work or with the kids, nothing sounds better than kicking our feet up with a glass of wine, but that just isn’t going to move us closer to our goals.  I find that keeping my goals everywhere in my space reminds me why I hustle.  Above my desk I have a white board, and I have my word for the year, and under that I have a few very important tasks for the week.  It’s just right there.  It can be your yearly goals, your quarterly goal, or even just your reason for your hustle.  It can be anything.  I also find that journaling helps me stay focused and reflect on my goals on a daily basis.  Having these goals all around you is like having a support system of your own ideas.

The thing is, grinding out your side hustle is hard.  Sometimes it can feel so fun and easy, but other times you would really rather just read a book or get a pedicure.  It’s just like exercise! Working out can be so much fun and feel great, but having some strategies in place on the rough days can save you from breaking a routine.  That’s why I think these tips are so important. Protecting your offices hours, prioritizing your tasks, making lists, and visualizing your goals can really help you keep on track and make your side hustle a success!

I hope all of these tips were helpful.  Please, message me if you have any questions, and I hope you guys have a great day!

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