How to Vacation Without Undoing Your Hard Work!

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Vacationing is a passion of mine!I And as a health and fitness coach, I'm very much aware of how the choices we make while on vacation can undo some of the progress we've made throughout the year. I want to solve this pain point for my clients and myself! I've spent a lot of time thinking about we can fully enjoy ourselves while on vacation and not come back to reality plus 10. Here are some tips that I practice while traveling:

  1. Plan an active vacation. My 20-year-old self would have rolled her eyes at this tip. Laying by the pool is nice, but the best memories are made doing active things! There is only so long you can rest on a beach before you want to jump in the water! Plan some sort of activity each day to break up your downtime. Find some hiking! Go for a swim! Even strolling through a city can be so wonderful. You get to exercise and make memories at the same time.

  2. Plan out your treats. You are going to indulge in more treats than normal on vacation, and please do! But try to have a game plan to mitigate it. I know vacations can be a bit more spur of the moment, but if you plan ahead, you can figure out when your treats will be in the day and focus on being healthier otherwise. Use moderation and treat yourself with intention!

  3. Assess but don’t obsess. One thing that helps me with my trips is having a dialogue with my husband. We talk about how much we are enjoying the trip but also about how much we are enjoying the food. We talk about how we feel after meals and activities. This helps us keep better in tune with how our choices are affecting us, which, in turn, helps us make better choices moving forward. Let your focus be on how the food makes you feel. 

  4. Keep doing what you are good at. If during your normal life you are very good about certain aspects of your health, such as drinking your water or intermittent fasting, keep doing those things. Those things make you happy and make you feel good, so keep it up!

  5. Water! Drinking water is important all of the time, but it also helps you to detox a bit of the things you are consuming that you don’t normally put in your body. Try to OVERDO on water while on vacation and your hangovers will be less, your bloat will be less, and you will not feel as hungry!

I hope these tips help you enjoy your next vacation without undoing progress!! Cheers to your next adventure!