Getting Back on the Wagon (before it gets away!)


What do I do if I’ve fallen off the wagon? I get asked this by a lot of my clients, and I think it’s a really important question. We all have points in the year where we are more susceptible to indulgence, so this is a timeless issue when chasing our good health.

Here are some tips for how to get back into eating healthily and working out regularly if you have gone through a brief (or not so brief!) lapse:

  1. Bring your spouse, friend, or family member with you. This can be so helpful because it keeps you accountable. My husband is my partner, so we are usually in sync when it comes to our health and fitness. If I fall off the wagon, chances are he took a tumble as well. We work together, and that makes getting back to it so much easier.  

  2. Tell your family. This helps everyone understand why getting back into a routine is so important. Whenever the need to buckle down arises for me, I sit my kids down and explain that, while it has been nice to have a lot of treats lately, we are going to start eating healthfully again so we can feel better and have more energy. Obviously, if your kids are older than mine you can go into more detail. Keeping it simple just seems to work best for me.

  3. Think of your day as a check in system. Did I get my water in? Eat clean? Work out?  Fast? Questions like that are the standards that I use now. My programs are designed to form habits of checking in that can help my clients long after the end of the program. Your standards can be anything from not having pop to making sure you get enough protein. Do whatever works for you. Try to set 3-5 standards to check yourself with.

  4. Write out your plan.  This is so important! Any time you write something down, it is much more likely to happen. Go through your calendar and schedule workouts! Plan out your meals! It’s a lot of work, but if you take 30-45 minutes a week to write everything out, it saves you so much time throughout the week, and it keeps you on track.

  5. Join a program for guidance. Here is where I can help you, though it doesn’t necessarily have to be my program. You have to do what works for you. Starting something new just keeps you focused.  Having someone help lead you makes all the difference. Here's the link to read more about my program!

  6. Try something new, exciting, and challenging. If you are doing a type of exercise that you really hate, it won’t work long-term. Don’t run if you hate running! Maybe give a sport a shot so that you can have fun and work out while you do it. Group classes are also a great way to start a new fitness journey.

  7. Set mini-goals. Small goals can be achieved and rewarded in different ways. They can be specific, like wanting to work out five days in a row, or vague, like wanting to fit into that old pair of jeans you can’t seem to part with. Big goals are great, but little goals help you feel successful along the way.

I hope these are helpful. Just remember, everyone falls off of the wagon, even people in the health and fitness industry (looking at myself here). It’s okay! Just use support structures to build yourself up and help you get back on. And please reach out if I can help!