What Exactly IS Online Coaching?


I’ve been an online coach for five years, and I actually started as a client! Joining my first online group was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made because it showed me that I had a passion not only for health and fitness, but I also have a passion for teaching people simple ways to improve their health. When you think about it, joining that group launched my career!

When I signed up for my first online program, I was looking to solve some pain points. My main motivation was wanting to get healthy. I was sluggish and tired, and I knew I needed to make my health a priority. Because I had three young kids, I didn’t have the time or the funds to set up a routine with a personal trainer. That’s why online coaching is so useful. Someone is still telling you exactly what to do, but you have more flexibility with regards to time and funds.

After finding my own success with my online coach, I decided to become a coach myself. At first, I just wanted to share the simple things I was doing with others. But that passion has turned into my career! Since beginning 5 years ago, I've worked with 1000's of clients in finding their best health. And more recently, I created my own program: IF You Carb Cycle, which has helped over 200 people transform their lives!

The benefits of online coaching really comes down to three things:

  • Cost

Let’s use my program as an example. My three-week program is only $99. What do you get for that? You get the print manual as a PDF which has everything you need. You also get two or three live trainings. These are done via video chat so you avoid the added cost of meeting with me in person. I go through the rules and answer any questions during these live trainings. The program also includes the private community group where participants are required to check-in daily. This accountability is part of what really works because it is a daily touch point for your progress.

  • Convenience

This was huge for me when I signed up with my first online coach. The convenience of everything being online really is a huge benefit. You don’t need any extra time aside from the meal prep/planning, time for your workouts, and maybe about 10 minutes a day for the work you do with the community group. No need to schedule in-person meetings and then stress about adhering to the set appointments. Everyone has a phone and/or computer, and that's truly all you need for check-ins!

  • Customizability

I’m really proud of the huge age range that I’ve had go through the program. Everyone, no matter their age or athletic ability, has been able to have success because of how customizable IF You Carb Cycle is. We all start at the same point, but you are easily able to change it up based on your body and your needs. This loops back to the checking in. As we go through the program, if you find that some aspects aren’t working for you, or you can’t do them at all, you can contact me. I will work with you to figure out how we can change the program to fit your needs.


If you’ve never looked into online coaching, I really do encourage you to give it a try. That little bit of guidance and support changed my life and showed me what was possible. I want you to find that success, too!!