Fast Fixes are Fast, but Don't Really FIX Anything


Hi Everyone!

I wanted to talk to you a little bit today about fast fixes.  I’ve had a lot of people considering my program say to me something like, “I saw that your program only runs for three weeks?  I’m concerned because I really do not just want a fast fix.” I actually really love addressing this because it lets me explain my logic, and it lets me explain to potential clients what their options are.

I think most people have tried a fast fix diet (I certainly have!), but the trouble is that they are a bit like a band-aid.  It might work for a bit, but a fast fix is not designed to be long-term. It will only work for a while, but then we bounce back because we haven't gotten to the root of the issue.  Even worse, sometimes we bounce back a bit more than when we originally started because we've been depriving ourselves of all treats and some food groups.

If you have been a part of a fast fix, don't worry.  It is a totally normal part of chasing after good health.  You are going to stumble here and there while you find what works.  But after a lot of trial and error with different programs and strategies, I've officially given up fast fixes for myself and my clients. I truly want to help my clients find long-term PERMANENT solutions to health, and that is how I've built my program. 

While coaching people online, I require daily check-ins to help keep clients accountable. This accountability is HUGE in reaching your goals. But I've found that 3 weeks is about the limit for holding people's interests with daily check-ins. So I designed my program for three weeks just for logistics. When we wrap it up, I want you to feel energized and motivated, not tired and annoyed. However, for those people who need a little extra support after the 3 weeks is up, I’ve created something very special.

I wanted something that would continue to support my clients in the quest for finding their best health! So I created the Harlan Coaching VIP Monthly Membership. In order to qualify for VIP, you need to have gone through my IF You Carb Cycle program.  You will get your own login and password into our portal, and the portal includes:

  • Recipes - These are hand selected, tested, and sometimes created by me!  You get new recipes each month.

  • Daily workouts - These are my workouts.  They are the ones that I am doing on my HIIT training days when I am not teaching.  I have both workouts you can do at home, and also one that you can do at the gym.

  • Training - You get access to my monthly training topics!

  • Challenges - Every month, we have several fitness and food challenges where you can earn prizes and push outside of your comfort zone!

  • Accountability:  It is also a place to stay accountability if the daily check-in works for you!

This membership is only $19.99 per month!! 

I hope this reassures you all about IF You Carb Cycle not being a fast fix, and I hope it piques your interests in your options to continue! 

With Love,