BUSINESS POST: The Tipping Point

Hi There! I wanted to share something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately in hopes that it will help those of you who are growing an online business!


Recently my business has reached a tipping point, which I’ve been patiently (or actually, IMPATIENTLY!) waiting for for a few years. What I mean by “tipping point” is that point where you are no longer constantly struggling to make things work, and everything becomes a bit easier. It just FLOWS. The grind is still there, oh yes it is, but there is an ease to it that wasn't there before. I’ve spent some time determining what I did to reach that point, and while I want to just say, "I don't know??" I realize that is not helpful. So I thought and thought about this, and I came up with a short list of things that helped me tip. I'm going to share those with you now.

I got my husband on board.

Mind you, he has always been supportive of everything I’ve done, but there was a point late last fall where I went to him and said "I need your help to grow this thing." I needed someone to bounce my ideas and changes off of, but talking to him at the end of the day just wasn’t working. By the time the kids were in bed, both of us had had such long days that neither of us wanted to work more. We started scheduling monthly meetings at his office during the day where we review the previous month and map out the goals for the upcoming one. This has made all of the difference! He knows what is going on in a different way and is involved in a whole new level!

If you have a spouse that isn’t actively supporting you in your business, keep trying to include them. Find ways that they can take ownership. Figure out their specialty and incorporate that into your business.

I read The Miracle Morning (by Hal Elrod).

I started reading this on New Year’s day, and it has completely changed my productivity, focus, and work flow. This book is all about how to get your day started on the right foot. There is just something so powerful about getting up and being productive before dealing with the hustle and bustle that occurs when the day actually starts. I actually listened to it on audio, and what could be easier than listening to that while driving or doing work around the house!?

Give it a try and see how it changes things for you and helps you reach your goals!

I added another income stream.  

Many of you know that I am a Zyia rep, and it is the perfect complement to the services that I am already providing. Adding Zyia in has been so seamless and so easy. I always say that millionaires have five to seven streams of income, so don’t put all of your eggs in one basket! Try to at the very least have plans for several things on the table.

Need advice for another stream of income? This is my speciality. I LOVE helping others make plans! Head here to set up a business consult.

Time and pressure.

I have been working on this for FIVE years. I’ve been hustling, grinding, and focusing EVERY DAY. You must remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint! You have to be willing to make sacrifices and put in the work!

When I say sacrifices, I mean arranging your life to use your time wisely. For example, I gave up TV for years! In the evenings, instead of settling in with a glass of wine and a show, I worked on my business. Sacrifices can also take the form of protecting your office hours. I have turned down many, many plans and activities to make sure I can work during my office hours, and it has paid off!

Don't be afraid to outsource.

I am the outsourcing QUEEN! I even outsource the cleaning of my house so that my spare time can be for my family or my business. Within my business itself, I have two part-time assistants. I am not in a place to be able to pay someone full-time (though that is coming!), but having two people on the side to help me with administrative work has taken my business so much further. I have a wonderful team, my husband included!


There you have it! Five simple things that I have helped me reach my tipping point. Please understand that a tipping point doesn't mean I'm free and clear of work. Oh no. This just means that I have unleashed my ability to generate enough business to keep going. In many ways, I am just STARTING. Entrepreneurship is a CONSTANT ride, so you've got to be honest with yourself: are you up for it?

I love you boss babes, side hustlers, and entrepreneurs! Keep on keeping on!!