When You'd Rather Be Outside


You guys. When it is warm out and I have to work, I feel like a kid with her face and hands pressed against the door and a look that says, "PUL-EASE let me go outside!" I'm magnetized to the outdoors, ESPECIALLY on gorgeous 80 degree days. And really, who isn't?? But the thing is, I am my company's owner, CEO, manager, accountant, content writer, janitor, coach, and every other position you can think of. And if I'm not working, we are not moving forward. That won't always be the case, but at this phase of the game, it certainly is. So finding tools and tricks to help me keep working when it's really really hard has become a skill of mine.

Let's be clear: I freaking love my job. LOVE LOVE LOVE. When people ask me what my hobbies are I have a really boring answer: traveling, working out, reading, eating, and growing my business. BUT even though I freaking LOVE it, there are times when finding enough focus to say, write a blog post or respond thoughtfully to questions is harder than others. The end of the school year is always one of those times for me. Our schedule is all out of whack from school field trips, performances, lessons, recitals, early dismissals, etc. etc. All that PLUS we are just ready for a break from the rigorous school schedule and you've got a recipe for "I'll get to it tomorrow." But I'm determined to keep the momentum going by not getting out of my office duties when it's nice out! Here are some things I'm doing to stay in the game:

  • I take my laptop outside

This might seem obvious, but it serves as a nice in between for me. I can work and enjoy the weather too. Although I have to admit, I know that I am less productive sitting outside with a laptop on my lap than in my office with my desktop. But I feel that this is a reasonable compromise.

  • I have clear daily goals

If I can just focus on a short list of "must do" items in front of me, then I can enjoy the weather with less guilt about what I "should be" doing. I'm working hard on keeping those daily lists a bit shorter for the next few weeks because I will feel more successful crossing ALL three items off of my list, than staring at my list of ten items with ONLY three things being crossed off. Set yourself up for success!

  • I schedule outdoor time in my schedule.

Again, I'm setting myself up for success here. If I KNOW that I'm going to be outside during the day, I will plan for that time when I create my schedule the night before. Just like with health and fitness we should plan for our treats, when it comes to our time, we should plan our downtime.

  • I recognize the season I'm in.

The end of the school year is always going to be busy while I have children at home. Just like the beginning of the school year will always be busy. Instead of fighting through this busy time, I allow for it and adjust my schedule accordingly. That means that I know my office hours will be shortened and my productivity will be down. In a few weeks, we'll be in a good routine and I can put some more hours on my plate. But until then, I'm going to enjoy a relaxed schedule, a mini family vacation, and some extra sunshine. Because those things are golden!!

I hope you find these tips helpful. And I also hope that it allows you to not be everything in all areas of your life all the time! Allow yourself to ebb and flow in the areas you need, when you need! 

For those of you building businesses with young children at home, my husband shared this article with me the other day and it made me feel really proud. Enjoy!