Why I'm Loving Fasted Workouts


Hey, everyone!

2-3 mornings a week I work out SUPER early, as in 5:15 or so. The other days I work out around 8:30 am. But in both cases I exercise FASTED, meaning I don’t have food in my system. I change it up depending on my mood and how awake I am, but I almost always exercise on an empty stomach.

Fueling My Workouts without Food

Branched-Chain Amino Acid supplements (BCAAs) or pre-workout drinks are fine to drink while fasting—fasting doesn’t mean just drinking water. I like to start my day with BCAAs or a pre-workout; If I could drink both that would be ideal, but then I would need to pee way too many times during the workout and I have things to do!

I have built up to fasted workouts and now prefer working out this way, although I didn’t used to! For years, I thought that I needed to eat before I worked out for it to count; current research shows that’s simply not true.  

I feel lighter when I exercise on an empty stomach and I love the added fat-burning benefits of working out fasted. If you are worried about burning muscle as well, BCAAs are a good protectant for those muscles and act as a barrier on them.

Intermittent Fasting: Optimize Hormones, Break through Plateaus

Intermittent fasting (IF) optimizes hormones, fast. An empty stomach triggers a host of hormonal changes throughout the body that are surprisingly effective in building muscle and burning fat.

After my workout I drink water, make my coffee, check on clients and chauffeur my kids around! I eat my first meal around 11 and try to make it a good one full of proteins and veggies! I add healthy fats or carbs depending upon the type of workout I did.

If you haven’t tried fasted workouts before, I highly recommend it! It is helpful to mix up your routine when you’re looking to break a plateau, and this is one of my favorite ways.