A Few of my Favorite Things!



I just got back from the store (Schnucks) and wanted to share a few of my favorite things with you guys! I will start at the back left and sort of work my way across.

  • Cold Starbucks. Enough said.
  • Triscuits-I love the brown rice versions; they have minimal ingredients and come in all sorts of flavors.
  • Peppercorn and sea salt grinders are essential for cooking :)
  • My latest favorite wine-Apothic Red. So good!
  • Blue corn tortilla chips. Check the label but most of these are clean.
  • Garden vegetable hummus. This tastes like veggie cream cheese and is exquisite!
  • Ranch seasoning packets. I especially love the fiesta flavor, and will showcase a yummy dip recipe with this soon!
  • Goat cheese is necessary for my happiness. And this kind has honey! Win!
  • Chobani yogurt Flips are amazing. Such a delicious dessert.
  • Almond butter. Such an indulgence at $11 a jar, but oh my word is it worth it!
  • Individual guacamole packets. Perfect for salads or snacking. Also, smeared on a wrap!
  • Greek yogurt cream cheese. It's a little sweeter than regular cream cheese, but is a wonderful substitute when cooking!
  • Starkist tuna packets. I bought the larger size today, but they are sell single serves, which are great for lunches.
  • Asiago cheese. It doesn't really matter what kind of cheese it is, but I always like to have a good quality, strong cheese on hand for snacking and cooking. It goes a lot further than pre-shredded cheese and you use less because the flavor is stronger.
  • KIND bars. These come in sweet or savory flavors now. My favorite is almond coconut.
  • This orzo salad is SO GOOD and is in the deli section at Schnucks.