A website?? What?

I am sitting here working on this website and it's a bit surreal.  I have a website?!?  How???  And even bigger than that, I have a NEED for a website!!  Mind. Blown. humbled

For those of you who have ever designed or worked on your own site, you know that it's sort of like a puzzle because everything  is connected to something else.  I really enjoy working on it, actually, and it fills a creative need in my work.  But man oh man, it can suck you in and then you've spent like 3 hours on one part of it, that probably no one will even notice!  Ha!

So know, friends, that this site is a work in progress and will always be!  Especially the "recipes" section, which so many people have asked me about.  I am working on ways to make it the most user friendly and searchable so you have quick choices when you need something yummy for dinner.

Your feedback will be very helpful to me moving forward, so please leave comments when you can!

Thank you for being on my site and giving my voice a place to land!!