Are you in a cooking slump?

Oh my, I sure was!  It's funny how it just creeps up on you, but I realized last week that I wasn't really cooking healthy meals for the family. We were eating scrambled eggs, ordering out, or having a lot of "helpie selfie" dinner nights (I make something easy for the kiddos and my hubby and I find our own). While this is all fine and good occasionally, it sure isn't something you want to make a habit of. I usually really enjoy cooking, but for whatever reason, was not feeling it!  So I made a plan and I want to share it, in case YOU are not feeling it at the moment, either :)

  • First, we had a family "kitchen clean out" night. We took everything out of the fridge and pantry, gave the surfaces a good wipe-down, and threw out old and unhealthy things. We found a few things in the back of the fridge that looked like science experiment! The kids really enjoyed helping and were actually very good helpers! They loved tasks like stacking the cans on the counter, throwing things away, and using a sponge to wipe up messes. It was amazing how much more I was already feeling the cooking bug once the place was cleaned up!
  • Next, I asked my hubby to take over the job of meal planning, just for a few weeks. I do it faithfully every week, but everyone needs a break sometimes! He grabbed some cookbooks and made a great list of healthy meals that I would never have come up with. I'm pumped to try some new things this week and be inspired again.
  • And finally, have some friends or family members over for a dinner party. There's nothing like having a crowd for dinner to get the creative juices flowing! We had my parents and brother over for dinner last night and I whipped up a DELICIOUS healthy meal of parmesan crusted tilapia filets (thank you to SAMS!), pasta primavera, bruschetta, and a beautiful salad. I even got a thank you message from my mom this morning for a great meal!  #win! And it was so fun to make!

I hope these tips help you if you are in a cooking slump, too!