Have you ever said these things?

Have you ever said these things?I'm going to challenge 4 common complaints about making a lifestyle change. Oh, and my kids throw a fit in the middle! Connect with me on Facebook!


Sometimes It Can Be Scary

I am putting myself out there in just a couple weeks at this huge event (over 700 people) and hear how I am ramping myself up to be successful and using my vision to help me get rid of the nerves. Don't forget to connect with me on Facebook!

Results - 3 Day Results

Here are my results from the 3-day refresh! Chris and I had amazing results, watch the video to find out just how beneficial this refresh was for us! Don't forget to connect with me on Facebook!

3-Day Refresh

Ahhhh, look what we got today!!! We LOVED the way we felt after we did the 3 Day Refresh this fall. My favorite benefits were the mental clarity and energy boost. If you are in need of a good post-holiday cleanse, I totally recommend this one. Plus, if you've been wanting to try Shakelogy, the Refresh is only $10 with a 30 day supply.

Make 2015 YOUR year!!

Healthy(er) in 2015

Is one of your goals for 2015 to get healthier? I find that collecting motivational quotes or pictures and creating a file on your computer is very helpful! You can post them occasionally as reminders to you (and your friends and family), you can print them out and hang them around your house, or you can make them your background on your computer or phone.

Here's a funny one that, for whatever reason, gives me crazy motivation to push a little harder I hope some of you can enjoy it, too!