No More Rules!

I have worked with A LOT of clients over the years and I've noticed that the ones who are most successful with changing their health and fitness are FLEXIBLE. They take what I've taught them and they adapt it to their lives. They make tweaks here and there and they build their own plan based on what they've learned. Clients who need a lot of rules often become frustrated because I don't believe that there is a one-size-fits-all approach to health and wellness, and I am resistant to posting hard and fast rules.

We all come into programs with different histories, previous experience with dieting, a variety of hormone levels, genetic make-up and disposition, gut health, and more. There is no way to give one set of instructions and have them work the same for everyone. If there was, no one would struggle with their weight! Programs and meal plans are TOOLS to help improve our health. They are not the be all end all. It's up to each individual person to study it, evaluate it, try it out, and then tweak it based on how they feel.

Speaking of how we FEEL, we spend a lot of time in my Carb Cycling 101 program discussing and paying attention to how we feel because it's such a powerful indicator of how things are working on the inside. Another thing we do that is really important is assess and troubleshoot individual concerns and issues. This is one of the most beneficial parts of my program: each woman is able to troubleshoot and not only learn from me, but from each other as well. Are you troubleshooting and assessing your body's response to changes? This is important for knowing how to move forward. Keeping a journal helps, or even talking to a spouse or friend about it.

If you are struggling to find a solution for improved health and wellness, check in with yourself and make sure that you're not looking for a hard set of rules. Those don't typically work, and if they do, they certainly don't work for everyone!


P.S. If you're interested in trying a new tool for fat loss, I am opening up round 2 of my carb cycling 101 program on May 8th. For more information and to get registered, click here!

My FAVORITE workout apparel

Hi Ladies! I was able to head out of town last weekend and I got some new workout digs, and that inspired me to share my FAVORITE workout apparel by brand and type with you. I think feeling cute in your workout clothing is SO important, and before you think I'm just being shallow, hear me out. Have you heard the phrase "dress for success"? Well, it's totally the same in fitness. If I throw on an old t-shirt and some baggy sweatpants I am MUCH less motivated to give my full effort in my workout, or even complete a workout, than if I have on a fitted outfit that I'm confident in. Think about how you feel when you give a presentation; aren't you much more confident when you dress up a bit? I know I am. So that you have a point of reference, my workout clothes need to work for strength training, mind-body workouts (i.e. yoga), and cardio too. So I have a little bit of everything when it comes to fit, coverage, and breathability. Here are some of my favorites:

Shirt by Under Armour, shorts by LuluLemon
Shirt by Under Armour, shorts by LuluLemon
  1. Victoria's Secret Sport: I LOVE their sports bras. You can get moderate to full coverage, and they go anywhere from lightly lined (my personal fav) to padded. There are loads of fun patterns and strap arrangements. They also have fun tank tops with cutesy sayings like "Crunch before brunch" or "I'll meet you at the barbells." And for lighter impact workouts, their pants are super cute too!  With their frequent sales you can get an entirenew outfit (pants, shirt, and sportsbra) for around $50!  That's a steal!
  2. Nike: Well, their shoes are just awesome, but we already know that. I'm also a big fan of the pro shorts and capris by Nike. They are thin, so you don't get too hot, but not so thin that cellulite shows, haha. They hold you in and pair really nicely with a looser fitting top. Nike also has some great V sports bras that are lightly lined, and offer full coverage for the smaller chested girls. These work well for shirts that are a bit lower in front.
  3. LuLuLemon: Ahhhh, to shop at LuLu is an experience! I only have a few things from LuLu, but they are my favorite pieces of workout apparel. They are SUPER expensive, but have been worth EVERY penny. The quality is superb and they are designed to perform AND make us look good!  My favorite thing to buy there are the workout pants. They hold you in, let you breathe, and you can conquer the world in these pants. Every pair I've bought from their becomes my new BFF.
  4. Reebok: I love their leggings! The patterns are super fun and the material is smooth and silky. My graffiti leggings from Reebok get the most comments! I have a little trouble getting the sizing right at Reebok, though, as some things fit big and some things seem to fit super small (these would fit my 7 year old...?)
  5. Under Armour: I'm adding this one for my husband! This is his favorite brand for shirts, athletic shorts, and warm-up pants. But ladies, I love it too! I have a pair of UA shorts that have held up for years and are super flattering, as well as a few really cute and unique tank tops. They have upped their fashion game lately, and it's showing! But expect to spend $40-$60 on a pair of shorts or pants.

If you are starting a new fitness regimen this year, or just recommitting, do yourself a favor and buy a new outfit that you feel confident in when you hit the gym (or even your basement!). It really does help to dress the part. I'd love to hear some of your personal favorites, too!! Comment below and let me know what they are!

Find your BALANCE

Create a LIFESTYLE full of health, fitness, and BALANCE

During my four years as an online health and fitness coach I've tried a lot of different approaches to healthy living. Through trial and error, I've discovered what my favorite strategies are and these are the ones I share with my clients. My approach is one of balance and simplicity so that we can sustain this lifestyle longterm. It has worked for me, and it has worked for 100's of my clients, as well.

When I work with clients, I teach how to eat clean and exercise in a way that will get them results. If you follow my lead, there is NO WAY you won't achieve results! But the thing I am most proud of when it comes to coaching clients is how I weave my love for treat meals and rest days into my program so that we can find that balance between being on point with our nutrition, while also being about to relax the reins a bit and enjoy wine, chocolate, and the occasional donut!

Another way I have created balance in my health and fitness is by bringing my family with me. I see so many people trying to get healthy on their own and it breaks my heart. Not only does having a partner or a coach help immensely in achieving your goals, but so does getting your family on board. And I have strategies for doing this, as well.

Registration is NOW OPEN for my 4-Week Slim Down Program, where I will help you lose weight and inches, create a balanced approach to nutrition and fitness, and bring your family along, too! I'm only taking 25 clients for this program!

Feeling and looking your best doesn't mean you have to give up every food you love and exercise for 2 hours a day. I promise. Take my hand and let me lead you to a healthy lifestyle you can be proud of AND enjoy!



P.S. If you bring a friend with you, ask me how you can save 50% off of your registration fee!

Get Your Kids to Eat Healthier Foods

My kids only eat 100% clean and healthy foods, always get 8 servings of veggies, 5 servings of fruits, and have very limited sweets. Just kidding!!  Did I get your attention? Guys, I want you to know and understand that my kids are very healthy little beings, but they have far from perfect nutrition!  They eat McD's like many children, they are obsessed with candy, and they would exist on "kid food" if I let them. But there are a few things I do to ensure that they are getting some of the nutrients they need.

Kids Eat Healthier Foods

Here are a few tips:

  1. Have a kid-accessible snack basket. We definitely still have "snack times", as they are little and if their snacking isn't regulated they would never be hungry for a meal. But this basket contains Mom approved snacks for them. I love Z bars, Fiber bars are a favorite for my little one's constipation, goldfish, etc.
  2. Keep healthy choices visible. Fruits are readily accessible, as are veggies (cut up and washed, with dip), and yogurts (bottom shelf of the fridge).
  3. Keep junk food out of the house. I don't buy junk food for the most part. Only for special occasions like birthdays or parties. This includes pop (they love Sprite!), chips, candy bars. If that is in the house, we will all eat it!!
  4. Create a mealtime plan. If I make a meal that is "unfamiliar" or more geared towards adults one night, then the next evening I will make sure to make something I know they will eat. I require the kids to try the meal I made, if they hate it, then they can eat their veggies of choice, fruit, and a yogurt. Sometimes I will make them a sandwich if I think the meal is way out of their comfort zone. But I don't make a habit of this.
  5. Cook with your kids. I cook with my kids daily so they take ownership of the kitchen and what we make. Some ideas for cooking with your kids are sorting veggie trays, mixing dips, cookies, muffins, sauces, casseroles, etc. Basically, any recipe where your kids can help stir and assemble.
  6. Hide those veggies! Muffins are an EASY way to get good things into your kids!  Example: Pumpkin muffins with chia seeds, pumpkin, coconut oil, honey, oats, grass fed butter for more healthy fats. Shakeology chocolate bites: coconut oil, honey, peanut butter, Shakeology. Freeze in fun trays and eat like candy.
  7. Talk to your kids regularly about why healthy choices are better for them. Put an emphasis on how those foods make you and them FEEL vs unhealthy choices and junk foods.

If you are looking on more ways to create healthier habits for your family, Click this link for more information about my Family Wellness Program, where I teach you how to get fit and how to bring your family along. I am also offering private coaching, as well. To discuss private coaching, email me  so we can set some goals for you!



Family Wellness Simplified

Get fit and healthy in 2017 and bring your family with you!

family wellness

Ladies, I have a very supportive husband who helps out SO MUCH around the house and with our children.  He is amazing, truly. But let's be honest, even with a great helper, moms run the show.  Getting kids where they need to be, organizing family schedules, shopping for clothes, food, and supplies, planning the meals, keeping our family active, etc. etc. etc. It's A LOT on our shoulders.  And I know firsthand how our own health and wellness can take a backseat to everyone else's needs.  But the thing is, Mommas, if our cup is empty, how can we fill the cups of others?

Do you immediately think "DIET" when I mention health and wellness?  Yuck.  Most diets don't work because they are too restrictive, and are designed in such a way that one person in the family is eating completely differently from the rest of the family.  That is incredibly time-consuming and doesn't allow for long-term success.  What if I told you that I can help you AND your family with better fitness and wellness?   That we can get everyone on the same page, so that everyone is more successful when it comes to changes in health.  I have created a family wellness program that will help you and your entire family create simple heath habits that you can continue long term: Family Wellness-Simplified.  

In this 4 week program, you will receive my weekly meal plan, complete with recipes, a grocery list, and video tutorials with cooking demonstrations. Each day you will work through my personalized workouts, and I will also share some fun exercises to get your kids moving!  During the 4 weeks, you will be part of a support and accountability group, where I will provide daily education and tips for success.  You will get the opportunity to interact with me and ask questions in 2 LIVE group trainings!  And because this program is all about family wellness, I'll even provide snack and lunchbox ideas for your kiddos, and some video messages from my kids to yours.

I want you to be 100% satisfied with this program and your results, so I am offering a complete money back guaranteed if you're not completely thrilled with the changes you experience after 4 weeks of working with me! This takes the risk out of joining, so you can just focus on improving your health and fitness!

If you are ready to feel good in your own skin and AND bring your family along with you, click HERE now.  I have limited space for this BRAND NEW program so that I can provide individual coaching to each of my clients, so don't wait to sign up!  It's a new year, and a new you!!!

XO, Katie

Holiday Party Survival Tips

Here are some tips on how to make sure you can enjoy yourself without guilt while at a holiday party. The tip is "moderation", and I use this to schedule my day  so that I can enjoy the food and drinks at the party without guilt. Need some more tips? Connect with me on Facebook!

Meal Prep with Kids and How to Make it Work

Finding the time to meal prep when you have young kids is difficult, but, I have some amazing tips for you so that you can entertain your kids and finish your meal prep. Don't forget to connect with me on Facebook. 

Have you ever said these things?

Have you ever said these things?I'm going to challenge 4 common complaints about making a lifestyle change. Oh, and my kids throw a fit in the middle! Connect with me on Facebook!


What is an Accountability Group?

So, you have heard me talk about accountability groups, but you aren't sure if they are for you? This video explains how accountability groups are for everyone! Want more information? Connect with me on Facebook!

I Chose a Meat Stick? What?

I am all about those donuts- they are my jam! But, living a balanced lifestyle means that you can not over indulge. Find out why I chose a meatstick! Don't forget to follow me on Facebook!

CrockPot Chicken - So Many Options

This Crockpot Chicken is great to use for tacos, nachos or topped on a salad. Plus, it is super simple, throw the ingredients into the crockpot and let it cook itself. How easy can that be? And, as a busy mom, that is what we are looking for in a meal! Simple, delicious and easy! Ingredients:

  • 4-6 chicken breasts
  • 1 cup chicken stock
  • 1/2 cup salsa
  • 1 packet taco seasoning
  • 4 oz. can chilies, chopped


  1. Add all the ingredients to the crockpot.
  2. Cook on low for  6-8 hours.
  3. Use tongs to pull the chicken apart.

crockpot chicken

This chicken is great in whole wheat tortillas with shredded cheddar, tomatoes, avocado, lettuce, and greek yogurt. Or, serve it a top a blue tortilla chips for nachos.


Let me know of if you make this meal tonight!

This Weeks Favorite Things

This week's favorite things include, pen pals with my daughter to cold brew pumpkin coffee, these are a few of my favorite things. Now tell me some of yours!


Kitchen Shortcuts

Kitchen shortcuts to make your grocery trip and food for the week stretch -- plus super easy tricks to make your food stay fresh longer.

Happy Fall, Ya'll!

Happy fall! This is my favorite time of year because of the colors, the cooler temps, and SWEATSHIRTS!! I live in comfy, casual clothes, and fall just gives me an excuse to do it more often ;) Fall is also a great time to dig into your health and fitness goals. The kids are back in school and the regular routine follows. I read recently that fall is the new New Year for setting goals, and I loved that idea!!

happy fall blog

Here are some tips for setting (and achieving!) goals for yourself:

1. Write them down!! The simple act of physically writing them on paper makes them REAL, instead of just a wish.

2. Discuss your goals with your partner, family, friends, etc. Let someone else know what you are planning to do for an extra step in accountability.

3. Schedule workouts on the calendar (time and place) and write down your meals. I know it's time-consuming, but the extra time spent PLANNING your week will save you SO MUCH TIME going backwards from your goal.

If you would like some extra help reaching your goals, I'd love to chat with you! Send me a message on FB or respond to this email! Let's make this season one of growth, discipline, and achievement!



You Got this, Busy Mom!

Dear Busy Mom, I know that it feels like adding one more thing, even the smallest thing such as cooking a nice meal, or writing a letter, or finding time to change light bulbs is just beyond your capacity. There just isn't enough time in the day!!!! I remember feeling like this SO CLEARLY.

Actually, 3 years ago, I joined an online accountability group and I had 3 kids under 3 and felt like I was barely keeping my head above water. But, I joined because something was pushing me to do so. I think I knew that I had to make some S P A C E for myself in a world that often felt devoid of ME! Kids, husband, house, pets, repeat :) So I joined this group and I remember having a conversation with my mom one day when we went out to lunch, "What exactly am I supposed to eat??" I complained. "I can't eat flour, sugar, boxed anything, frozen meals. Am I supposed to exist only on fresh fruits and veggies alone?? How in the world will I find time to do THAT??!"

So I complained, but I stuck with it. I wanted to see what kind of results I would have if I committed to change. And I'm glad I did because I lost 7 pounds and 12 inches in that group :) And well, the rest is history.


So here's the thing, moms. You need to think of this lifestyle change not as one more thing you have to do, but as an armor to be the Super Mom you are!! How can one person carry all of those responsibilities without taking care of herself?? Do you know that exercising produces feel-good endorphins that mimic morphine!! What?? More of that!!! We need to have a good attitude when dealing with tiny, adorable, frustrating, nonsensical attitudes all day, right?? And did you know that sugar and flour and gluten can cause depression, anxiety, and a million other nasty side effects?? How are we supposed to do our jobs effectively with THAT on our backs??

So this is not something you have to add, no way. Exercise and diet is something you NEED to get you through your crazy schedule and the demands that are placed upon you. It will be hard at first, but after 3 weeks, you will notice that it's getting easier. And you will FEEL happier and you will ENJOY taking care of yourself.

No one believes in you more than I do, momma. Because I WAS you!!!

XO, Katie

Grocery Unpacking!!

New Video: Grocery Unpacking for the week. Here are my go-to tips for shopping for my family and making balanced and healthy decisions for meal planning.



Why get up at 5 am?

5:00 am is EARRRRRRLY.  It's so dark out.  The bed is so warm.  And it seems that anything I can accomplish that early can surely be done at some point during the day, right?
Yes.  And no.

I have always preferred the mornings to late nights, but being productive at that hour is rather new to me.  But I am falling in love with it, and I want to share why!  First, though, let me share with you exactly what my morning looks like:

5 am: alarm goes off.  I aim to get up NOW or only allow myself to hit snooze one time.  I put my phone across the room from me so that I actually have to get out of bed to shut it off.

I make my way to the bathroom where my workout clothes are already laid out for me (from the night before).  I use the bathroom, put in my contacts, and get dressed.  Then, I head downstairs and make my Energize.

The time is now 5:15 or so, which gives me 30 minutes to drink Energize (PERFECT) and get a little work done.  I check my inbox, post in my accountability and training groups, and create my day's game plan, if I didn't the previous night.

Warning!!!  This time goes FAST, so enjoy it :)  At 5:40, I pee once more to reduce how much I pee my pants when I jump (#momlife) and head to the basement for my workout.  I'm currently working through Insanity: Max 30 and am loving/hating it ;)  It's HARD.  But it's so quick!!  30 minutes and I'm DONE!!  Once I finish my workout, I head upstairs and if the family is still sleeping, step outside to cool off and make my morning post.  Then, I'm usually greeted by one, two, or three children and Mom Duty is officially ON!!

Okay, that's my schedule.  Now, here's WHY I do it:

1. I can be alone.  

Totally, completely alone.  But not in a lonely way, because I know my family is upstairs sleeping and they will be happy to see me when they wake up, with big hugs and smiles and maybe even some attitude ;)  This time alone is so incredibly rare so I CRAVE it and SAVOR every minute of it.  Moms, you deserve some alone time more than anyone on this planet.  Trust me when I say that waking up early is totally worth the space to think your own thoughts, not be interrupted, and prepare for your day.

2. I get my head in the game.

Once the kids are up, it's go go go for the next 2 hours until we get the oldest on the bus.  And then it's usually go go go some more, as the littles and I run around town together.  This kind of business requires some time to get set up for success!  I make a game plan for the day if I haven't done this the night before.  I check my inbox, so I'm not doing that once they are awake.  I post in my accountability and coach groups if I'm running them.  I drink my Energize, and prepare to PUSH PLAY.

3. I have more energy all day long.  

It's a funny thing, but starting the day EARLY, and with a workout, really does give you more energy.  It's a bit counter-intuitive, because you think you'll be more tired from starting early.  And you might.  At first.  But then, the magic starts working and you noticed that you are more energetic and therefore more productive during the day.  Which is really awesome if you are one of those people who likes to sit down and do nothing once the kids are in bed.  You totally CAN when you knock out a full day of productivity that starts at5:00 am :)
5. I'm happier.
Not only am I benefiting from the alone time to recharge, but also the endorphins pumping through my body.  Even if I don't get ANYTHING ELSE accomplished during the day, I can feel good about having my workout completed.  It's a confidence boost knowing that you started the day with something hard.  That discipline allows you to know that you can do hard things and that hard work pays off :)

September is the new New Year!  It's a time of change, setting new goals, and getting organized!

How about making some time for YOU a priority this fall?  Need help? Let's chat!!
why 5 am