Celebrating Summer!

Mia Smoothie During the summer it's really easy to want to say, "Wanna go get ice cream?" to our kids and families WAY more often than normal.  It's just what you DO in the summer, right?  Something about the laid-back schedule combined with trying to make everyday FUN contributes to this line of thinking.  I noticed myself getting into this habit the other day and had to pull back to take inventory, "I don't even like ice cream that much!!" I reminded myself.

So I wanted to write about some alternatives to the summer-go-to of ice cream treats :)

  • Grab a tasty beverage instead!  I took the kids to Smoothie King the other day and got a fruit smoothie loaded with protein and added a multivitamin.  Then I asked them to divide it among 3 cups to keep the cost down.  Delicious, nutritious, and still feels like a treat!
  • Serve fruit with a little whipped topping.  It takes fruit to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL of amazing for kiddos.
  • Make your own ice pops out of real fruits and juices.  An activity and a healthy snack all in one!
  • Make a picnic lunch and take it to a park.  Kids LOVE picnics, even if it's full of good-for-you-food.

There are so many more ideas, but hopefully this little list gets you started!  Have a great summer with your families!