Client Spotlight on Katy!

"I never would have signed up for health and fitness coaching if I hadn't met Katie.  I was sort of working out on my own to lose weight and be healthier, but I wasn't very dedicated about it. I became pregnant with my second child around the time my son started preschool last year.
That's how I met Katie-through our kids. I learned she was a fitness coach and then we became friends on social media. Katie's posts about food, nutrition, and health, just really struck a chord with me. Katie was enthusiastic and positive...and REAL. she shared the ups and downs of her own life, wasn't afraid to express her frustrations or just be a little silly.  She is one of the most joyful people I have ever met.

When she invited me to join a group about clean eating, I did. You can tell Katie was a teacher because her explanations and presentations are all aimed at breaking the information down in easy to understand ways you can apply to your own life. She gives you work out tips, recipes, and points you in the direction of healthy food brands and products. I especially love when she invites us into her kitchen to see how clean eating works in real life.

All throughout my pregnancy, I kept tabs on everything Katie was doing, thinking to myself, 'After this baby is born, I want in on this.' So in September, about 6 weeks after my baby was born, I started my first group with her. And it was hard! We were still adjusting to life as a family of four and there seemed like there wasn't time for anything else. I thought to myself about quitting and would ask myself 'Is this REALLY the best time to be trying to work out and change my eating habits?!' I sort of felt like I was making a mistake but I stuck with it (it was only 3 weeks after all!), and Katie was there to cheer me on, to offer advice, and to remind me it was possible to reach my goals.

I am just about to finish up my third group with Katie as my coach. I have made a lot of progress since September. Katie has shown me how to make exercise a part of my life that feels sustainable, not just something you do sometimes. It is her living example through social media posts and videos, and her responses to my own posts and questions that have led me to this point. I feel good every day. I feel strong every day. I feel supported every day because I know Katie is keeping tabs on me.

Katie inspires me every day to live positively and healthily. I think she'll inspire anyone else too."