IF You Carb Cycle FAQs

What does "carb cycling" mean?

Carb cycling is just a fancy word for being strategic about when we eat carbohydrates. Placing them intentionally in our diet is incredibly effective for burning fat.

Can I still have carbs?

Yes! That’s the best part of this program! No giving up entire food groups, instead, we cycle between days of high carbs and days of low carbs to keep our bodies guessing. On your low carb days you will aim to eat 50 grams or less of net carbs (carbs - fiber).

What is IF?

IF stands for intermittent fasting. It is a simple nutritional strategy that focuses on eating within a shortened eating window, instead of eating all day long.

Will you provide the workouts?

No, I do not provide workouts for you in this program. Instead, I will guide you as to what workouts are best with each type of “day” in order to maximize the effectiveness of our carb cycling. If you want more direction with workouts, you might enjoy joining my VIP Membership group, where I provide daily workouts, monthly recipes, and continued accountability.

Can I do this program as a vegetarian? How about as a vegan?

I’ve had several vegetarians complete this program successfully! They might eat a higher amount of carbohydrates on a low carb day than non-vegetarians, but they will still be able to effectively cycle their carbs. While I have had a vegan go through my program successfully, I think it is a challenging combination to try cycling carbs while avoiding any animal products. It can be done, but carbs are a heavy component of the vegan lifestyle, so it’s a bit trickier to avoid them.

I heard there was a 24 hour fast during the program. Do I have to do that?

Nope! We implement an optional 24-hour fast during our 3rd week to maximize the benefits of fasting and to experience a true digestive reset. It is also an exercise in mental stamina! If you don’t want to participate in the fast you certainly don’t have to.

How long is the program?

The program lasts for 3 weeks, with an option to repeat or to continue on in the VIP Membership group. I purposely designed this program to be 3 weeks because people get tired of checking in after that time period, and the check-ins are vital!

Do I have to exercise for this program to work?

No, you can still achieve great results without exercising, but adding the exercise component will accelerate your results!

Do I need to purchase supplements?

No, supplements are not a required part of this program. I discuss the supplements that I take in week 2 of the program in case you are interested in adding them to your routine.

I don’t like to cook, how can I be successful?

It’s hard to have great results if you are eating out frequently. But I also recognize that cooking every night is not realistic for everyone. I encourage you to make a weekly meal plan, where you plan the meals for the week. My cookbook has excellent ideas for crockpot meals and thrown-together meals that help make dinners easy! And you can feel confident that they are perfect for your plan.

Is there a lot of prep work required for this program?

Not any more prep work than I think you need to be successful at putting your health first! Taking care of yourself should feel like a part time job. I do not require hours and hours of prep work, but the more time you give yourself to make a plan, prepare your food, and get a bit organized, the better you will do!

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