Healthy, Delicious, and Beautiful!

My kids LOVE helping me make these, and REALLY love the dying process. We served these last year at our Easter Brunch and got a great response from the family! Here's the "recipe":

Boil eggs and rinse in cold water to simplify the shelling process. Prepare bowls of color (we used an egg coloring kit, but there are lots of variations to this). Remove the yolks (set aside) and set the halved white part of the egg in the bowls of color for 20 seconds or so and remove to a paper towel to dry. Blot out any remaining liquid. Set aside.

Smash yolks with a fork. Add a couple spoonfuls of Greek yogurt, a tsp. of dijon mustard, a packet of stevia, and a tsp. of vinegar. Adjust the amounts to taste. Fill the colored whites with the yolk mixture. You can sprinkle dill or paprika on top for some extra zing and color if you want, but honestly, they are so pretty just as they are!

Enjoy this healthy addition at your Easter gathering!