My Review and Results of the 3 Day Refresh

I completed the 3 Day Refresh this fall and LOVED it!  I am ordering another one for me and my hubby today--who wants to do it with us?  Read about my experience below :)

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This was my first cleanse ever.  I was hesitant to try one because I didn’t think I’d be able to handle all liquids for any length of time.  While there were quite a few drinks in this cleanse, there was also food, and I really enjoyed that.  My favorite things were the hummus and almond butter.  MMMMMM.  I think everyone’s main concern when thinking about a cleanse is “Were you starving??”  No.  For sure, I was not.  I noticed that I was hungry in the evenings, around 7-8, and that is when I got a little tired, too.  But not the STARVING, hunger pains, kind of hungry.  Just a little hungry.

I noticed that, other than the evenings when I got sleepy, I had terrific energy and was in a great mood.  (With the exception of the last day; I was pretty grumpy that day, but my son DID pee all over himself at the museum, so it’s hard to tell why I was in a bad mood exactly J ) I felt light and strong, and my skin was in better shape than it’s been in a long time.  I also noticed that my teeth and gums felt cleaner.  Seriously.

This is not a “poop all the time” cleanse.  I had nice, normal poops each day.  However, I DID pee constantly, which was semi-inconvenient.  But we have to rid our bodies of those toxins somehow, right?

I was very pleased with the physical results of this program.  My abs lost their puffy, sticking out appearance and my clothes fit better.  I lost 5 pounds and 8 inches!  But what I like the BEST about the 3 Day Refresh was that I learned how much self-control I have.  I will not die if I don’t eat the cookie.  I can survive without a piece of pizza.  And it was really great to learn this about myself moving forward because I got lazy with my indulgences and instead of eating clean 80% of the time, it was moving towards 60%.  This was a great way to refocus and learn that I CAN DO IT!