OMG I Just Ran 3 MILES!!!!

I can't believe it myself! I am the girl who has always hated to run. I would complain about running to the end of the block, be totally winded and cramping, and swear that running just wasn't for me. At one point a few years ago, I ran a 5K and actually really loved it. And I've dreamed about running a half marathon, but it pretty much stopped there. Since then, I've become sort of a group fitness junkie. I've tried 100's of classes, worked out at many fitness centers or studios, and have even become certified to teach three (soon to be 4!) formats. So running wasn't my priority.

But I love to keep things new and interesting, and I'm ready to try something new to push beyond my comfort level.  Enter running :)  Actually, I started thinking about it recently when one of my clients told me, "I hate running but it is the most efficient workout I can do that does the most good." While I don't completely agree, I saw his point and was ready to give it a try again.

And holy moly, was I pleasantly surprised!  All of the HIIT training (Insanity, Grit, T25, 21 Day Fix, Body Pump, etc.) has helped me make HUGE gains in my running.  I haven't run in about a year, and I just ran 3 miles without stopping, and without struggling much.  I'm amazed. I'm actually pumped to do this again-CRAZY!

Here are some adjustments I need to make for my next run:

  • New shoes. Holy blisters!
  • Tighter earbuds.
  • A shirt that says "Will run for wine" or something comparable.
  • A really juicy audio book.
  • One of those wet towels to wear around my that too much???
  • More bug spray!

If running has been on your list of things you'll "never" do, don't count yourself out yet!  Start building up your cardio endurance through fun classes and interval training.  Sign up for a race to motivate you. Lift weights. Start slow and make adjustments as you need to (see above list).

Need a list or some help knowing where to start?  I can help!