Post Vacation Report

I recently returned from a blissful mini-vacation with my husband where the temps were in the 80’s, we had no children, no responsibilities, and dessert with every meal ☺  This was a super short cruise, thank God, or I would have done some real damage to the progress I made in December.  But it was glorious.  And vacation is a place where I don’t think we need to worry about what we’re eating.  Probably don’t need dessert with every meal, but we should be able to relax while on vacation and just enjoy some pastries! So this article isn’t about tips for staying healthy on vacation, because I certainly didn’t do that on this one!  Instead, I want to share with you some fascinating observations I made about myself and my body while traveling.  And that’s one of the perks to eating clean 80% of the time: I am a well-oiled machine and I can easily tell what might be affecting my mood, energy, or general feeling of well-being.  It wasn’t so easy to know when I ate whatever I wanted a few years ago.

The first thing I noticed while on vacation was how tired I was each day.  And this is not because I was really getting any less sleep than I do at home.  But several times during the day I would YAWN a lot and just feel SO TIRED!  That is not something I’m used to in my everyday life.  I really don’t get a midday slump, and if I do, it’s very short lived.

Another thing I noticed was that my stomach hurt!!  And my stomach NEVER hurts anymore, unless I eat junk.  Just the body’s way of saying, “Why are you eating that??”

And the third thing was the most startling for me and that was a very real sadness or depression the day before we headed home.  It sounds so ridiculous to feel that way while on vacation, and I still had a really great day, but I just couldn’t shake this dark feeling of not wanting to go back to the super cold Illinois temps!  And my responsibilities!  And I’m sure some of that is normal, but I KNOW that most of that is because I didn’t get my usual dose of almost daily endorphins from exercise.  I’m just not the same without them.  We worked out once on the ship but it wasn’t the same intensity as the workouts I’m used to.

So it was a really amazing trip and I loved the break from reality, including eating well and exercising regularly.  But man.  What a great reminder that I do those things to FEEL good!!