Straight Talk

Friends, I look forward to sending you these messages every week. And this week I felt called to share a message with the clients in my 4-Week Slim Down and you, my community of subscribers. Losing weight won't make you happier.

What? Did she just say that?? Isn't that one of the goals of her business--to help women lose weight??

Yes. And no. Hear me out.

Weight loss is a side effect of changing some fundamental habits in your life. When you begin a new fitness program or embark on a journey to improved health, your ultimate goal should be to have a better quality of life. That might mean having more energy, being in a better mood, exuding confidence, and feeling really comfortable in your own skin. But if your ultimate goal is to "be skinny" then you will be disappointed if you achieve that goal. Because there's nothing larger tied to it. Do you see the difference?

So how do you appropriately goal set so you can achieve success in your health and fitness endeavors?

When writing down your goals prior to starting a new program (you HAVE to do this, guys!) focus on goals that describe how you will FEEL, rather than how you will LOOK. That keeps the focus on wins that will enrich your life, which will indeed make you happier. Also, as you're working through your program, use these "feeling goals" to measure your progress.

I've noticed that for many of my clients, they notice the changes within themselves first. It's kind of like how a microwave works. First, they notice changes in their taste buds and preferences, then they notice that they feel less foggy during the day. Then they begin to see some differences on the outside, like more muscle tone and a more defined waistline.  We spend a lot of time discussing how they are feeling, and I think that discussion empowers my clients to notice these changes on a regular basis.

Bottom line: anchor your health and fitness goals with something that goes beyond appearances, and you will be more likely to achieve them and sustain them long term.

If you are interested in applying for the next round of my 4-Week Slim Down, click this link.  We will begin our week of prep on February 20th!  In this program I will teach you everything that has worked for ME and hundreds of clients to find a healthy life balanced that centers around feeling your best!!

XO, Katie