Summit Top Ten Takeaways

Hi Coaches! I wanted to write a post for you guys about Summit while it is fresh in my brain! I am going to list my top 10 takeaways from Summit. Be sure to listen in tonight (Monday, July 20th) to the Transformers team call about and hear coaches give their a-ha moments from our national conference.

  1. We have the power to impact 1000's of lives with this business.  One of the presenters was an ex SWAT team member and he said he saved lives doing that job, but with Beachbody he is able to impact THOUSANDS of people who want help. That was a powerful moment for me.
  2. Live events build connection among coaches. Coaches who feel connected are more successful because they are more invested. Therefore, live events like Summit are a MUST if you want to grow a big business. Do you have your tickets for Super Saturday yet??
  3. ANYONE can do this and do it big. I repeat ANYONE. There is no secret to getting to the top. Do the 3 vital behaviors everyday, lead with the intention to help, and stay consistent. That's it. This message was said over and over and I BELIEVE it!
  4. Fear of failure holds a lot of us back. Once you push through that fear you will find success.
  5. You don't need to be savvy at social media to start, but you need to be savvy at social media to go big. The good news is that there are loads of free trainings available to you for this. One of my favorite presentations was from Jeanelle Summers. You can find her presentation in our online office. She presented at general session on day 2.
  6. Leadership happens the minute you sign your first coach. Act like a leader from the beginning.
  7. There are a lot of great products and programs being released!!  CIZE drops today. Shakeology boosts are available tomorrow--these were awesome! We were all big fans of the energize. I'm totally ordering it tomorrow!  Beachbody Performance is a new line of pre and post workout formulas. These are also available in challenge packs instead of Shakeology. Hammer and Chisel is a program that's coming out in December and features Autumn and Sagi working together to build and scupt. I'm pumped for this program!! Check out your online office in the news feed for more details about these new releases!
  8. This opportunity will change your life in every positive way if you believe in yourself and make it happen.
  9. Setting work "hours" is a must for me to create boundaries for myself and my family. I won't be available all day every day anymore :)
  10. Tell your story on social media all the time, but tell short stories first. You have to earn the right to tell long stories. This is called bread crumbing: leaving little pieces of your story all the time so your followers want more.  Then eventually you will tell a longer version. This training will be available in the online office soon!