An AWESOME On Demand Solution for Partners!!

I want to share SOLUTIONS with you.  Always.  Sharing things that truly work for me--I want to share those things with YOU!  Remember how we talked last week about the gym vs. home workouts?  And how I said they BOTH deserve a place in your life? Well OMG, the latest announcement from Beachbody just made me feel pretty validated! First, let me say that we've been using BBOD since it began, and are big fans!  But the way it works currently is that there is a base library of programs available as a member.  100's of workouts that can be sorted by your preferences, like time, muscles worked, trainer, and type of workout.  Then, if you PURCHASE a program, it appears in your library as well.  Pretty awesome for traveling, variety, and convenience.
NOW, there is an even better option for LESS money!  You can now get ONE YEAR of BBOD WITH EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM EVER CREATED BY BEACHBODY for just over $5 per month!!  So now you and your spouse, partner, or roommate can have one subscription and work through separate programs!!
Launching on TODAY, you can get one month of Shakeology and 12 months of BBOD UPGRADED for $199!!! ! That's your fitness for the whole year!  What a great investment to make on yourself ️!!!

If you want to take advantage of this great deal, comment below with your email and I will get you set up!

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