Body Beast may sound scary, but it's not!


Week 2 of Body Beast just ended and I am feeling so many things, so it’s time to get my thoughts on paper (or, on the computer screen ;) ).

First, finishing two weeks of home workouts is sort of a big deal for me, which may seem silly since I represent a company that creates and sells home fitness programs. I am a lover of group fitness, and am also a group fitness instructor, so I’ve previously done the majority of my workouts live. I’ve done plenty of workouts from home, but only to fill in the gaps of my group fitness schedule. I’ve never completed an entire program at home from start to finish.

I decided that it wasn’t really fair or reasonable for me to expect my clients to do home fitness programs if I wasn’t doing the same thing! Also, I want to be able to truly understand what it feels like to be committed to a program from beginning to end. I’ve had my eyes on Body Beast for a while, and since I love weight lifting, this was a good place to start.

It’s been a little more than two weeks now, and my husband and I haven’t missed a workout!! This is a really big deal for us! On teaching days, I don’t skip my Beast workout. Instead, I teach and then get my workout in at another time. So that might mean that my “rest day” from Beast ends up being a teaching day. But I have made it work by lowering my weights a bit in my teaching classes, or switching around where my rest days fall so that I truly get a rest day, or don’t work shoulders twice in one day, for example. I used to think my body wouldn’t be able to handle double workouts, but that was so silly. It totally can. It’s our minds that tell us we can’t, not our bodies.

I don’t think I can adequately express how proud I am of my husband! He has been 100% in the game since we started, and his commitment to this program is helping me stay focused! He is feeling stronger and more energetic, and even mentioned that his golf swing is much improved since starting! As for me, I also have more energy and am starting to see some payoffs in the mirror, too! I can’t wait to take some pics in another few weeks to compare!

The thing that I’ve enjoyed more than the physical benefits, and even more than the added energy, is the mental “I can do this” that comes from achieving a goal. It’s certainly not done yet, but I have come further with it already than I ever thought I could do. I used to loathe the basement, especially for workouts. There are no windows, it’s smelly and messy, and it just isn’t a motivating space for me to workout. But you know what? While I would still prefer a gym floor and fewer toys, I really don’t dread staying home to get the workout in anymore. It’s just part of it. Plus, I’m really enjoying this time with my husband.

I really like the versatility of the program, too; you can follow the DVDs and do the workouts at home, print the workouts and take them to the gym to complete, or use BB On Demand to watch the workouts from any location with internet! These options help keep it interesting for me. Plus, I like to vary what time I workout so it’s not always the same. Some days I get it done in the morning, some days I do it with Chris in the evenings, and some days I do it during the day while the kids are playing.

Two things I should mention if you are thinking of starting Body Beast:

  1. You will gain weight. Ugh, I know! It’s hard to watch the scale go up, but it’s a fact when you are adding muscle. This muscle will allow your body to burn more calories while resting and will contribute to that lean but super toned look for which you are going. In the third phase of the program, you cut your calories slightly and that will drop your weight down a bit. But just remember that pictures tell the story and not the scale, so do what we did and just put it away!
  2. You will be hungry!! You will need to increase your calories to properly feed your muscles and fuel your body. If not, your body won’t allow the muscles to develop. There is a formula for determining your caloric range in the Beast guidebook, along with a very comprehensive eating plan.

I want to invite you to try this program with me. I will be your guide and we can do it together! I’d like to start a Body Beast group in mid-October. Please message me if you are interested in trying it! That gives you plenty of time to make some serious gains before the holidays!!