Why get up at 5 am?

5:00 am is EARRRRRRLY.  It's so dark out.  The bed is so warm.  And it seems that anything I can accomplish that early can surely be done at some point during the day, right?
Yes.  And no.

I have always preferred the mornings to late nights, but being productive at that hour is rather new to me.  But I am falling in love with it, and I want to share why!  First, though, let me share with you exactly what my morning looks like:

5 am: alarm goes off.  I aim to get up NOW or only allow myself to hit snooze one time.  I put my phone across the room from me so that I actually have to get out of bed to shut it off.

I make my way to the bathroom where my workout clothes are already laid out for me (from the night before).  I use the bathroom, put in my contacts, and get dressed.  Then, I head downstairs and make my Energize.

The time is now 5:15 or so, which gives me 30 minutes to drink Energize (PERFECT) and get a little work done.  I check my inbox, post in my accountability and training groups, and create my day's game plan, if I didn't the previous night.

Warning!!!  This time goes FAST, so enjoy it :)  At 5:40, I pee once more to reduce how much I pee my pants when I jump (#momlife) and head to the basement for my workout.  I'm currently working through Insanity: Max 30 and am loving/hating it ;)  It's HARD.  But it's so quick!!  30 minutes and I'm DONE!!  Once I finish my workout, I head upstairs and if the family is still sleeping, step outside to cool off and make my morning post.  Then, I'm usually greeted by one, two, or three children and Mom Duty is officially ON!!

Okay, that's my schedule.  Now, here's WHY I do it:

1. I can be alone.  

Totally, completely alone.  But not in a lonely way, because I know my family is upstairs sleeping and they will be happy to see me when they wake up, with big hugs and smiles and maybe even some attitude ;)  This time alone is so incredibly rare so I CRAVE it and SAVOR every minute of it.  Moms, you deserve some alone time more than anyone on this planet.  Trust me when I say that waking up early is totally worth the space to think your own thoughts, not be interrupted, and prepare for your day.

2. I get my head in the game.

Once the kids are up, it's go go go for the next 2 hours until we get the oldest on the bus.  And then it's usually go go go some more, as the littles and I run around town together.  This kind of business requires some time to get set up for success!  I make a game plan for the day if I haven't done this the night before.  I check my inbox, so I'm not doing that once they are awake.  I post in my accountability and coach groups if I'm running them.  I drink my Energize, and prepare to PUSH PLAY.

3. I have more energy all day long.  

It's a funny thing, but starting the day EARLY, and with a workout, really does give you more energy.  It's a bit counter-intuitive, because you think you'll be more tired from starting early.  And you might.  At first.  But then, the magic starts working and you noticed that you are more energetic and therefore more productive during the day.  Which is really awesome if you are one of those people who likes to sit down and do nothing once the kids are in bed.  You totally CAN when you knock out a full day of productivity that starts at5:00 am :)
5. I'm happier.
Not only am I benefiting from the alone time to recharge, but also the endorphins pumping through my body.  Even if I don't get ANYTHING ELSE accomplished during the day, I can feel good about having my workout completed.  It's a confidence boost knowing that you started the day with something hard.  That discipline allows you to know that you can do hard things and that hard work pays off :)

September is the new New Year!  It's a time of change, setting new goals, and getting organized!

How about making some time for YOU a priority this fall?  Need help? Let's chat!!
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