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New Video: Grocery Unpacking for the week. Here are my go-to tips for shopping for my family and making balanced and healthy decisions for meal planning.



OMG I Just Ran 3 MILES!!!!

I can't believe it myself! I am the girl who has always hated to run. I would complain about running to the end of the block, be totally winded and cramping, and swear that running just wasn't for me. At one point a few years ago, I ran a 5K and actually really loved it. And I've dreamed about running a half marathon, but it pretty much stopped there. Since then, I've become sort of a group fitness junkie. I've tried 100's of classes, worked out at many fitness centers or studios, and have even become certified to teach three (soon to be 4!) formats. So running wasn't my priority.

But I love to keep things new and interesting, and I'm ready to try something new to push beyond my comfort level.  Enter running :)  Actually, I started thinking about it recently when one of my clients told me, "I hate running but it is the most efficient workout I can do that does the most good." While I don't completely agree, I saw his point and was ready to give it a try again.

And holy moly, was I pleasantly surprised!  All of the HIIT training (Insanity, Grit, T25, 21 Day Fix, Body Pump, etc.) has helped me make HUGE gains in my running.  I haven't run in about a year, and I just ran 3 miles without stopping, and without struggling much.  I'm amazed. I'm actually pumped to do this again-CRAZY!

Here are some adjustments I need to make for my next run:

  • New shoes. Holy blisters!
  • Tighter earbuds.
  • A shirt that says "Will run for wine" or something comparable.
  • A really juicy audio book.
  • One of those wet towels to wear around my that too much???
  • More bug spray!

If running has been on your list of things you'll "never" do, don't count yourself out yet!  Start building up your cardio endurance through fun classes and interval training.  Sign up for a race to motivate you. Lift weights. Start slow and make adjustments as you need to (see above list).

Need a list or some help knowing where to start?  I can help!

Fish Tacos!!!!

I have been searching for an EASY and DELICIOUS fish taco recipe and I think I have discovered it!  Remember that I just eyeball my ingredients, so measurements are not exact and don't matter too much :) The best part about this recipe is that I didn't have to mess with cooking fish. Well, I DID cook it, but it was simple. I bought my favorite Parmesan crusted tilapia from Sams and baked it as directed.  They are lovely filets.  Once it was done, I just sliced it in thinnish strips. If you don't have a SAMS membership, look for something similar in the frozen foods. Check the label and find a "clean" version or make your own. Fish is pretty easy to cook. I personally love it coated in parm and panko breadcrumbs, which is essentially how the SAMS version is made.

While the fish cooks, work on your sauce (the most important part, duh). I mixed equal parts Greek yogurt and olive oil mayo (1/2 cup or so of each). I love dill, so I used a sprinkle of that.  You could also use cilantro if you like that flavor.  A good squeeze of lime (I was out, so I used apple cider vinegar), some diced green onions, and diced cucumber (about a 1/4 cup of each) will make it so fresh.  Taste and adjust as needed.

Assemble tacos as follows:

Warm your whole wheat tortillas in the microwave for about 30 seconds in between some damp paper towels.

Lay the fish strips on the tortillas, top with chopped romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, and a good spoonful of the perfect sauce on top.  Roll up and love every single bite!  I think I should make these again...!

Our Trip in a Nutshell

Ahhhh... just thinking about our recent trip to Cancun has me relaxed :)  What  a wonderful vacation!  It was a chance for us to unwind, reconnect, and not have to be grown-ups for a few days.  I wanted to capture some of the highlights of the trip while they were fresh in my mind. Our day of travel was really easy!  We had a short, direct flight to Cancun and then a quick and easy bus ride from the airport to our resort.  When we arrived at our resort, there was quite a line to check into the hotel!  All coaches were taken to the arena to check-in, which was a HUGE building that is reserved for concerts, large events, and our super workouts!  When we entered the arena to wait in line, there was a huge display of healthy snacks for us to munch on.  Veggies and dip, fruits, nuts, homemade granola-type bars, chips and salsa and guacamole.  And fruity beverages, too!  So the line was long, but they sure knew how to distract us.  We finally got to the front of the line to check-in an hour later and received the keys to our room!

And what a room it was!!!  The VIEWS were... well, I'll show you!




Pretty amazing, right??!  So after we got settled in and had our luggage delivered to us, we explored the resort a little, took in the views and kept saying, "Wow!!"  We changed for dinner and enjoyed a Brazilian steak house (our first time trying one!).  The food was delish and in abundance.  I really enjoyed not having any dishes to wash or food to cut up for my three young children :)

That night, I awoke to a stomach bug (RIGHT before we left, our youngest two were vomiting, so it was only a matter of time before we got it).  I got sick about 3 times and felt pretty crummy so we skipped our planned workout in the morning.  We headed to the pool and took it really easy all day long, and while I still didn't have an appetite, I cherished the time alone with my husband.

The days pretty much went like this: wake up, workout (except for that first day), have a leisurely breakfast, get ready for the pool, lounge at the pool, eat lunch, lounge at the pool some more or head to the beach, go back to the room for a much needed nap (haha!) and then get ready (slowly! without children rushing me!) for dinner!  It. Was. Heavenly.

A little more about the workouts...Each day, Autumn Calabrese (creator of the 21 Day Fix), Shaun T. (creator of Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, Max:30, and T25), and Tony Horton (creator of P90X) were available to lead workouts.  So you could choose which trainer you want to work out with, or you could work out with all of them!  On one day, we did the lower fix with Autumn--my glutes are STILL sore, no lie!  And the other day, we did Max: 30 Friday Fire with Shaun T.  It was awesome!!!!!  Shaun walked into the crowd and even gave my hubby a high-five!

I'm still in disbelief that this trip was free, minus airfare.  We didn't get our wallets out once and truly felt spoiled.  What an amazing company to be associated with!!

So are you wondering how I was able to earn this trip for free?  I will tell you :)  Each month as a coach, I work with people to help them reach their health and fitness goals.  I run online accountability groups where a small, focused, group of men and women work together to reach their goals.  I help them choose a fitness program based on their goals and their needs, and I help them choose a supplement (oftentimes this is Shakeology) to boost their results and help eliminate cravings and increase their energy.  And by helping just 3 people with this each month, I qualify for trips like this--and I can earn them for FREE!!!  I've already earned over 1/2 of next year's Success Club trip: a cruise to Jamaica!  And not only will I earn it completely free, but I will also earn cash to use onboard, as well!  It's a pretty sweet deal, and really is just icing on the cake because it would be a dream job even without the free swag!!

If you are interested in becoming a coach, or just talking to me more about the details, please email me at  I would love to share with you the ways in which this opportunity is changing my life and how it can change YOURS!


My Review and Results of the 3 Day Refresh

I completed the 3 Day Refresh this fall and LOVED it!  I am ordering another one for me and my hubby today--who wants to do it with us?  Read about my experience below :)

PicCollage (1)

This was my first cleanse ever.  I was hesitant to try one because I didn’t think I’d be able to handle all liquids for any length of time.  While there were quite a few drinks in this cleanse, there was also food, and I really enjoyed that.  My favorite things were the hummus and almond butter.  MMMMMM.  I think everyone’s main concern when thinking about a cleanse is “Were you starving??”  No.  For sure, I was not.  I noticed that I was hungry in the evenings, around 7-8, and that is when I got a little tired, too.  But not the STARVING, hunger pains, kind of hungry.  Just a little hungry.

I noticed that, other than the evenings when I got sleepy, I had terrific energy and was in a great mood.  (With the exception of the last day; I was pretty grumpy that day, but my son DID pee all over himself at the museum, so it’s hard to tell why I was in a bad mood exactly J ) I felt light and strong, and my skin was in better shape than it’s been in a long time.  I also noticed that my teeth and gums felt cleaner.  Seriously.

This is not a “poop all the time” cleanse.  I had nice, normal poops each day.  However, I DID pee constantly, which was semi-inconvenient.  But we have to rid our bodies of those toxins somehow, right?

I was very pleased with the physical results of this program.  My abs lost their puffy, sticking out appearance and my clothes fit better.  I lost 5 pounds and 8 inches!  But what I like the BEST about the 3 Day Refresh was that I learned how much self-control I have.  I will not die if I don’t eat the cookie.  I can survive without a piece of pizza.  And it was really great to learn this about myself moving forward because I got lazy with my indulgences and instead of eating clean 80% of the time, it was moving towards 60%.  This was a great way to refocus and learn that I CAN DO IT!

A website?? What?

I am sitting here working on this website and it's a bit surreal.  I have a website?!?  How???  And even bigger than that, I have a NEED for a website!!  Mind. Blown. humbled

For those of you who have ever designed or worked on your own site, you know that it's sort of like a puzzle because everything  is connected to something else.  I really enjoy working on it, actually, and it fills a creative need in my work.  But man oh man, it can suck you in and then you've spent like 3 hours on one part of it, that probably no one will even notice!  Ha!

So know, friends, that this site is a work in progress and will always be!  Especially the "recipes" section, which so many people have asked me about.  I am working on ways to make it the most user friendly and searchable so you have quick choices when you need something yummy for dinner.

Your feedback will be very helpful to me moving forward, so please leave comments when you can!

Thank you for being on my site and giving my voice a place to land!!