What IS coaching, you ask??  That’s a GREAT question!  Coaching is the most important part in the trifecta of changing your health habits: NutritionExercise, and SUPPORT.  Coaching offers you support as you learn better eating habits or work through a new fitness program.  As your coach I can help you find new recipes or offer modifications for exercises.  Or, if you simply need a kick in the pants to get it done I can do that, too!  Whatever it is that you need on your journey to better health and fitness, I will hold your hand and guide you through the process of becoming a healthier version of YOU!

Each month, I run online accountability groups where I teach about clean eating and how to properly fuel your body to achieve the results you are after.  The groups are small, around 10 people, so that I can provide personal attention to each group participant.  The groups are typically 30 days long and the average weight loss in 30 days is 8-10 pounds.  But more importantly than that, people LOVE the way they feel and the energy they gain!  Participants always comment about how much better they did with their goals because of the group support and accountability.

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"Katie's leadership and support for those she works with is unmatched. Her direction is clear, the knowledge she shares is relevant, and the most important thing to her is seeing others succeed. I  highly recommend working with Katie in her Entrepreneurship Academy if you are serious about taking your business to the next level."