IF You Carb Cycle

When you combine intermittent fasting (IF) and carb cycling together, you benefit doubly by creating FAST fat loss and improved body composition in no time! 


I see you over there... 

working hard, taking action, and loving your body the way you should be. But something is just not working...

You've done the workouts, the clean eating, and so much more, but none of it has stuck around. 

Your life needs simplicity + sustainability. With a family to keep moving and your own body to look after, there has to be a balance in your fitness, health, and life - one cannot win over the other, especially if you want results for the long-haul!

I know all about your fears.

I've had them, too.

No matter what stage of life you're in, those awful little fears creep up out of nowhere from time to time. I know what you're fearful of right now - a health and fitness plan simply doesn't exist that matches your lifestyle. You're worried that nothing will fit your crazy schedule, leaving you with unrealistic goals you set for yourself. 

But you're longing for something that will finally help you accomplish your health and fitness goals. There is a way to experience a lifestyle where exercise and eating well simply become second nature - no effort, no stress, no headaches. 

Imagine a time (in the very near future) where your body can fully focus on how food + exercise make you FEEL. Then imagine knowing how you feel and being able to share those feelings with your family to create a change cycle within your entire family! 

You and your family can both be on board with a healthy

lifestyle - FINALLY! 

Exercising regularly and eating well becomes second nature. You will be in tune with your body which allow you to focus on how foods and exercise make you FEEL. You will be able to share these feelings and experiences with your family because they'll be on board with you, thus changing your family's life along the way!



wean yourself off of your current medications

get rid of digestive issues for good

think clearly

feel energized during the day with the vivaciousness to get things done

love your skin that you're in and appreciate your body for what it is (an amazing machine, of course)

gain massive momentum that will propel you forward on the path to health for years to come

create healthy habits that will be around for the long haul

I love this program! I have lost a total of 7 pounds and 10 inches overall! It put me in total control of my food and gave me that accountability. I was already fine with my exercise, but the nutritional part was lacking. I felt better in every way! I felt like I had more energy, even from an energetic morning person. This program has helped clean my body of the bad stuff. I know I can stick to it even after this ends because it is simple changes and those made all the difference. My family had noticed a change in my overall demeanor and because I do all the cooking... they love the foods I fix and they feel better too. I look forward to seeing what more comes out of the change in the way my family and I eat. This has been amazing!
— Ashley R.

It's my passion

  • to help women like you get the tools and tips they need to have major success on their healthy lifestyle journey. 
  • I believe in being the loudest cheerleader you have in your corner!!
  • I believe in breaking it all down for you to give you the best chance to succeed.
  • I believe in stopping the fear that many people have surrounding health and fitness by giving you the love and support you need 100% of the time! 

So what do you say?

Take my hand, follow me, and let's do this together. I've seen transformations in my own life, and now it's time for you to see how to have them, too! 

Check out what Leah K. said about "IF You Carb Cycle":

I am so thankful for doing this program to kick my butt into gear! I haven’t felt this good in a long time, and I’m even wearing some clothes I haven’t felt good in in a long time! I lost 11lbs!! And maybe 2 inches total (measuring myself probably isn’t totally accurate) but I definitely can tell I’ve lost inches. My energy level is good, I’m working out a lot more than I was before and holding myself accountable. I find myself not going for bad snacks and not really craving them either.
— Leah K.

During the program, you'll learn:

  • How to plan for and implement intermittent fasting into your busy life.
  • Why carb cycling, when paired with IF, can help you break weight loss plateaus.
  • How long-term restriction of calories and carbohydrates can actually lower your metabolic rate and affect your hormones. I'm going to teach you how eating MORE can improve your results!
  • What foods to eat, and when to eat them in order to maximize your workouts and improve results. 

What do you receive with your registration?

  • A comprehensive program manual for download
  • An online course that outlines what to do each day during the program, and also allows you to work at your own pace
  • Access to me, your personal coach, for the duration of the program
  • Meal ideas and sample meal plans
  • Bonus workout ideas throughout the program

Grab your spot and join the others ASAP!


What will we cover in the program? 

Week 1 - Prep Week

Week 2 - Carb Cycling

Week 3 - Intermittent Fasting

Week 4 - Refining 

Need more accountability + real-time support? 

IF You Carb Cycle is a self-paced program that has proven to give real results and massive success to everyone who has been a part of the program from the very beginning.

But sometimes, a self-paced program alone might not be the actual ticket. What you need is more accountability, a real kick-in-the-butt in real time that will give you the boost you need when you need it. 

That's what I created this VIP upgrade option - for YOU! 

If you want to experience a program that will change your life forever coupled with one-on-one support from me, here is your chance! 


Check out what Sarah R. had to say about the VIP Membership, called Fit Life in Motion:

I absolutely love Katie’s Fit Life in Motion Page. It works with my lifestyle. I don’t feel the need to constantly be checking in as this isn’t a fad diet. When I need a little extra accountability it’s there. Seeing her awesome tips in my news feed keeps me where I need to be, in a learning, growing headspace. I love how you can utilize it however it best serves your level of interest! Thanks Katie!


Katie Y. had this to say about invaluable accountability:

In total, I’ve lost just over 50 pounds since starting with Katie in August 2015, and I lost 3.5 pounds and five inches with Carb Cycling. Carb Cycling was pretty easy for me to adjust to since I was already in the habit of making a meal plan for the whole week - I just had to adjust what I ate each day by the type of day. I thought I’d hate low carb days, but I really came to like them (avocados galore!), and I loved that I was eating different foods each day. Before the program, I had gotten in a rut of eating the same thing every day. Even eating clean and healthy, ruts lead to plateaus, so I was stuck 2.8 pounds away from my goal for weeks. Though all of the programs that I’ve done with Katie, one thing that stays consistent is her dedication to the group, both through teaching and coaching. I NEED the daily accountability, and I love that I have a little message from Katie from the previous night’s check in each morning (yes, she takes the time to do that with everyone). And when I started to freak out about not losing weight, she responded to my messages right away and calmed me down. I’m really, really looking forward to the next round of Carb Cycling and incorporating Intermittent Fasting into my weekly routine. It will be the three weeks just before my big summer vacation, and I know Katie will help me tone up for it and fit into my shorts and swimsuits!
— Katie Y.

Are you ready to take control of your eating + fitness to

create an overall healthy lifestyle that will continue to show

you results well after this program is over? 

Register Now!

there is no time like the present to get your butt in gear! 

About Katie Harlan



In addition to being your personal cheerleader, Katie Harlan is the founder and CEO of Harlan Coaching! Katie has 6 + years experience in health and fitness, including a nutrition certification from Precision Nutrition and certification in 5 different group fitness formats.

Katie is a busy mom of three and wife to her best friend, Chris. She loves traveling and soaking up experiences that improve her quality of life. And she ESPECIALLY loves sharing simple solutions with her amazing, high vibe clients!!